How are your dice made?

We have developed an automated system for carved/engraved dice that saves us time and saves you money. We understand that dice (especially for prototypes) can be expensive.

After carving/engraving, the dice are painted with high quality acrylic paint to ensure that your dice last a long time, even with substantial use. We do not use screen printing which rubs off easily and can be printed with poor quality.

What is the difference between your carving and engraving processes?

Our engraving process involves a v-shaped cutting tool following the artwork outline at a constant depth. Our carving process follows inside of a text outline at a consistent depth. If two lines are close together the cutting tool cuts shallower to avoid going outside of the line. This creates a faceted carving that looks quite nice. Our process determines whether engraving or carving would look best for your design and adjusts accordingly. Often, we will employ both process to give the best results.

I need different colors, different dice shapes or something else that you don’t seem to offer.

We love challenges and this is something that has prompted us to offer our custom dice to the public.  While we cannot guarantee that we can make your idea a reality; we’re fairly clever people. Contact us for custom order assistance.

I need a LOT of dice made. Do you offer discounts for very large orders?

Contact us for a quote. We are usually able to help.

I live outside of the U.S. can you ship to me

This is possible.  Please contact us for a shipping quote.

What is your return policy?

While we are sticklers on quality, occasionally something goes awry. Please contact us if you have quality issues or damage. We will do our best to make things right. However, we do not accept returns on custom products for reasons other than quality or damage.

Who are you?

Dice Makers is a local Ohio company that specializes in making engraved custom dice to be used in board games, prototypes, and any other idea you can think of. We believe that custom dice should be affordable as well as high quality.