Artwork Guidelines

We want your dice to look amazing. The following information will give you the knowledge to take full advantage of our process. Please follow these guidelines carefully. If you get stuck, we’re here to help.

Basic Information

Simple and uncluttered works best. Dice are small. Too much detail will look muddy.

Please create one file per side. You can upload up to 20MB. If the total size of your artwork is greater than 20MB, please contact us and we will set up an alternative for you.

File Format

File format must be one of the following vector/line-drawing formats: Adobe Illustrator (.ai), Encapsulated Post Script (.eps)*, Scalable Vector Graphics (.svg), and Autocad Drawing eXchange Format (.dxf), We can help with conversion of other formats.

Because this is an engraving process, our software ignores fills as well as line size. Any layers will be merged together.

* Any files submitted in Encapsulated Post Script (.eps) format will be centered on the dice. The size of the artwork defines the dimensions of the file. Other formats do not have this limitation.


Once you have your artwork completed, please use your software’s “Convert to Curves” function for any text in your artwork. We may not have the typeface/font available. Converting your text to curves will be the best way to make sure your text comes through as expected.


Dice are slightly curved at the edge of each dice face. Your artwork will look best if you keep your artwork within a 10 pixel margin.

  • For 5/8″ (16mm) dice, your artwork must be 60px by 60px; you will have a 50px by 50px safe carving area.
  • For 3/4″ (19mm) dice, your artwork must be 66px by 66px; you will have a 56px by 56px safe carving area.

Artwork templates are available to download below (right-click and choose “Save As…”). Please be sure to delete the text and bounding box artwork before uploading your finished artwork:

5/8″ dice template

3/4″ dice template


While your design may not require specific sides or orientations, you may use the following information to make sure that your artwork is carved on the correct side and with the correct orientation/rotation. Other formats are available for download to the right of the image.


SVG Format
PDF Format
PNG Format
GIF Format